Local Victoria’s Secret protest



VS protest

Many of you are asking how to find out if there are local events in your area.  The Mommy Lobby is helping to bring together citizens who want to show their support for this protest but we are relying on local parents help us out.

We are just getting started with this effort so here’s what we need you to do.

1.) Create a local event on Facebook with the date, time and location for your particular area.

2.) Share the event with everyone you know…ask them to share it.

3.) Email us at support@theMommyLobby.net  and we’ll put your event in our database that way when someone asks about a local event we don’t duplicate efforts.

4.) Local coordinators can join us on a nationwide conference call to talk about this effort on Tuesday night.  Information about the call will be shared tomorrow.

5.) Keep talking about this issue and take a stand for our children.

6.) If there is already a local event  planned in your area, please share it with your friends.

7.) Sign in below for updates and more information on this effort and our upcoming efforts to protect our kids.



The Mommy Lobby



  1. Susan Hartfiel says:

    Why just Victoria’s Secret? The Limited Corporation would likely not be affected by a boycott of just underwear. They also have other brands such as Henri Bendel, Limited, Limited Too, Express, Bath & Bodyworks, and La Senza. I would recommend a boycott of ALL Limited Brands to express our displeasure. I won’t be buying any of their products as a result of their crass marketing toward girls under the age of 18!

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