Affordable Health Care Act program encourages teens to share their sex stories

bedsiderJust when you think that things can’t get any worse, you find out you’re wrong…VERY WRONG.

We’ve come a long way from the sex ed classes we all probably took in middle school that taught us about our bodies functionality.  What our kids are exposed to now is more like a how to book on everything that most of us probably learned WELL into adulthood.  

We recently learned that the Obama administration has allocated millions of dollars in order to implement PREP in local high schools in various states.  (PREP stands for Personal Responsibility Education Program).

 But this particular program is sure to raise the ire of most parents…and for those it doesn’t we have to ask WTH?

Watch this…but not around young ears:

This is a video from the site which is a primary link from the PREP website. It’s about on par with Penthouse Forum and our kids are being encouraged with our tax dollars to download the app and share.  

Whatever happened to telling our kids to WAIT UNTIL MARRIAGE for sex? Or if the don’t want to wait until marriage, is it so wrong to ask them to at least wait until they’re adults and can deal with the responsibilities that come from sexual activity.

We encourage all of you to take some time to familiarize yourself with these pages to fully understand just what our kids are being taught as acceptable and normal.

We’ve gone down a very ugly path in this country regarding sex and what’s normal and acceptable within the confines of a civilized society.  What’s up is down and what’s wrong is right.  Isn’t is time we start to get back to the traditional ideas about maturity and sex instead of teaching our kids that they can have whatever they want, whenever they want and that their actions have no longstanding repercussions?  This is simply not the truth and if we continue down this “no limitations on our desires” attitudes, we, as a society will suffer for it even more than we have.

If it could happen to Rome, what makes us think it can’t happen here?

Program information for PREP as implemented via Affordable Health Care Act can be found here.

Grantees of PREP can be found here.

What can you do?

Share this story.

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Contact your elected officials and demand that programs like this be defunded.  THIS is NOT the type of thing that our tax dollars should be paying for. 

Donate to our efforts to find and fight things like this!  We do the research that keeps busy moms and dads informed!  

We can’t do what we do without your support!  

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  1. Jennifer W. says:

    OMG!!!!! That is disgusting!!!!!!

  2. Our dear leaders follow this guideline. Convince people that “Because they have freedom of sex, they think they are free.” Keep everybody’s mind on sex from birth to death and they will never notice the chains around them.

  3. Speechless. Just when I thought society couldn’t get any lower…I see another Roman soldier walk by my house. Sharing.

  4. Good heavens, this is crazy. We have to keep constant vigilence on technology!

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