“Progressive” Planned Parenthood lobbyist argues for post birth abortion

The video below is a perfect example of why many Americans are against Planned Parenthood.

This is from a hearing in the Florida legislature regarding a bill that would require abortionists to provide medical care to a newborn that survives an abortion.

The Planned Parenthood lobbyist will never come out and say that that child, who has survived the attempted abortion, deserves to live.  Instead she says that their concerns are “logistical issues”.  Really?

This is simply ridiculous and an obvious avoidance on her part to admit that which Planned Parenthood doesn’t want to publicly admit…their position is that that baby should die.

Even in the most rural areas, doctors are trained to save lives.  To say that they won’t support it because it’s an issue of logistics is not only a lie, it’s a disgusting attitude to have toward an innocent child fighting for life.

You see, this is the dark underside of the abortion world that no one, certainly not the reps from Planned Parenthood or any far left women’s groups, want anyone to know about.  They like to act like a woman’s right to choose is only about abortion in the earliest stages of a pregnancy.  That’s it’s all about empowering women and a right to the decisions about her body.  They don’t like to talk about the fact that they think abortion should be available to women whenever then want it…at any stage.  

Nearly half of Americans oppose abortion. The majority of the other half think there should be limitations. Most opposition to abortion stems from the very thing this Planned Parenthood lobbyist is fighting for.  Most level headed Americans don’t think that abortion should be available (short of a life-threatening situation with the mother) after the fetal heartbeat can be detected or the end of the first trimester.  They also don’t think that minors should be to obtain an abortion without their parents consent.  Sadly, the incredibly loud vocal MINORITY are the ones making the most noise so all we hear is their voice—and it’s not even an honest voice.

If being “progressive” means killing babies who are fighting for their life or allowing minors who can’t even take an aspirin at school with permission to obtain a potentially life threatening surgical procedure without their parents even knowing about it, then no thank you.  

This doesn’t sound “progressive” at all…it sounds evil, disgusting and dangerous.

For more information on the Born Alive Infant Protection Act click here.

For information about President Obama’s views on BAIPA, click here.

For more information about abortion accessibility to minors  in your state click here.


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