Late term abortion to save a mother’s life is a fallacy.

I get so sick of hearing pro-choice advocates talk about how we need late term abortion in cases where a mother’s life may be in danger. As someone who has a disease where the farther I got into my pregnancies, my health was increasingly at risk, at NO POINT did I ever consider an ABORTION. After a certain period in my pregnancy any attempt to save my life (if necessary and it was) was called an EARLY INDUCTION.

The doctors didn’t need to KILL my babies in order to save MY LIFE.

If a mother’s life is truly in danger, the termination of the baby’s life isn’t the necessary procedure to save hers; the removal of the baby from her body is.  And if that becomes necessary, why wouldn’t we try to save that potentially viable child’s life?

Why is this even a question?

Why does the answer have to be the baby must die?

So my question is: Why are we, as conservatives, not saying this? Why are we allowing the left to claim that late term abortion is necessary and that we must KILL the child in order for the mother to live.  Why are we not saying that after a particular point in a pregnancy, it’s incumbent upon us, as a DECENT and MORAL society to try to save BOTH lives?

Think about it. How many babies are born prematurely and live healthy productive lives after they come home from the hospital?  Thousands.

As a woman who delivered all of her babies early in order to prevent further deterioration of my health, I can’t imagine why any woman wouldn’t at least TRY to save her unborn child’s life.  Maybe the baby wouldn’t survive on it’s own.  Maybe it couldn’t be saved…but at least it was given a chance.  

We need to get real and start being honest about this subject.  There is a VAST difference between terminating your pregnancy at the very beginning stages and terminating it when you have had time to bond and feel it moving in your body.

At 25 weeks+ gestationally a fetus is not a glob of cells.  It’s not some inanimate object that doesn’t feel pain.  It’s a living growing human being. And if you kill  it before you even start the induction process you are robbing that child of it’s right to life.

If you kill it after it’s been born that’s evil.

No matter how much you try to paint it as a choice issue…it’s not.  It’s MURDER plain and simple.

Cindy Chafian-Founder/CEO




  1. My friend had a premature baby born at 24 weeks. The baby survived and is now a healthy five-year-old! There is no reason to kill a baby to save the mother’s life! You’re absolutely right! Induce labor early if necessary and do all that you can to save the mother AND the child’s life.

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