Help Wanted!

Are you a mommy who likes to write?  We are looking for moms who would like to share their thoughts & opinions on a broad number of issues!

We want moms who are interested in the following areas:



National Defensecolors



2nd Amendment


Sustainable Development (AKA Agenda 21)

agenda 21

Parental Rights

parental rights

Family life and Parenting tips




Pop culture

pop culture



The Mommy Lobby is the fastest growing organization for conservative minded moms.  If you want an opportunity to share your blog here on our site and with thousands of our members, contact us at today!





  1. Amy Richardson says:

    I have 3 kidlets, 19yr old daughter, 14yr old son and my baby boy who is 7. I am opinionated and have eclectic interests (politics, reality tv, reading) I am first and foremost a God fearing American. I love my family and my country.

  2. theresa sedlak-hanslik says:

    count me in! All of the above, but particularly the 2nd amendment!

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