The state oversight of private and parochial education is likely to increase slowly, especially along the lines of uniformity in statistics and records, sanitary inspection, common standards of work, and the enforcement of the attendance laws. In particular, the attitude toward the control of the child is likely to change. Each year the child is coming to belong more and more to the state, and less and less to the parent. – Ellwood P. Cubberley 1909

school choice

We here at the Mommy Lobby are firm believers in parents being able to decide what is best for their children and families as a whole.

We believe that curriculum should be determined by local school districts and states NOT the Federal government.

We believe that the our children should be taught HOW to learn and think NOT WHAT to think.

We believe that our children should be taught the skills that will carry them into adulthood. 

Revisionist history, teaching to the test and agenda driven curriculum has no place in our education system.

 We are proud to work with and support a number of organizations who support School Choice, Home Schooling and who are against Common Core Curriculum, Race to the Top or No Child Left Behind.

Missouri Education Watchdog

National School Choice Week

Friedman Foundation for Educational Choice

School Choice in America- Heritage Foundation

Stop Common Core

Truth in American Education

Common Core Facts


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