Mommy My future

The Mommy Lobby is made up of the most powerful groups in America:  The American mom.

We wipe tears, noses and behinds. We kiss boo-boos and paddle behinds.  Feed, bathe, nurture, love and care for the “babies” we are blessed to be raising (and yes, they will ALWAYS be our babies!).

We want the best for our kids and do what we can to make sure they know wrong from right.  We try to make sure we raise them to be responsible, caring, compassionate human beings who will become productive members of society.

So often it feels like with all we do as moms, the outside world is doing all it can to make our job as difficult as possible.

From politicians who put party before principle, the media and entertainment industry who seem to push their own agenda and the countless “special interest” groups who only care about themselves, it seems like everyone else has a seat at the table but the average American family.  Who’s speaking up for us?  Until now, no one.

The main goal of The Mommy Lobby is to become the go-to place where busy moms can get reliable summarized information about the everything that affect the American family.  From pop culture, latest trends, parenting tips to the political policies and legislative issues that impact us and our families….we are the go to place for busy moms who want to stay on top of current events but don’t have the time!  Plus we like to make it fun and engaging!

Our organization brings together women from all walks of life who share the strong principles that made America great.  Those principles are:

Adhering to the Constitution of the United States and the Rule of Law

Individual liberty, limited government

Strong national security

Religious freedom

Family is the backbone of society

Living within our means, both individually and as a society

Caring for those who cannot truly care for themselves

Providing a temporary safety net for those who have fallen on hard times

Personal responsibility and appreciation for what you have not envy of what you don’t

Hard work, self-determination and independence

We support the policies that promote these values and principles.  America has provided it’s citizens with a healthy competitive environment that insures equal OPPORTUNITY for all American citizens based on hard work, ethical behavior and earning your keep.

In life, nothing is guaranteed and nothing comes free.  It’s about hard work and getting out what you put in!  The only thing stopping you from achieving your dreams and goals is YOU!

Unfortunately, in today’s political climate, every special interest group, corporation, union  seems to have someone to represent their interests.  Many of these groups pay millions of dollars a year to influence legislation and regulation.  The laws and rules that are passed affect each and every one of us and our families on a daily basis.  From food to gas to energy—you name it, it’s impacted.

The Mommy Lobby brings women from all walks of life together to impact the things that matter most of them and their families!

We provide honest, straightforward, value-driven information, training and guidance on how to be the best citizen activist with the little spare time you have, and the courage to move forward knowing that there are plenty of other moms who feel just as strongly as you do about the challenges we face as a nation and the empowerment to know that together, we can do anything!

All mothers, whether they’re stay at home or working, married, single, divorced, work hard and want the best opportunities for their children.  We envision a BETTER future than what we have; so it’s up to us NOW to make sure that our country and the policies implemented will allow for the best possible opportunities for our children to live the best lives they can!

So, if you are one of the millions of mothers who are concerned about what the future holds for your children and the future generations, then step up to the plate and stand up and be heard!



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